17 Observations of the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention

I’m in San Diego, cooling down from cooking in the Arizona sun the last few days at the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting. As I relax here in beautiful downtown San Diego, I’m also reflecting on the 2017 SBC annual meeting. Here are 17 observations . . .   I am more pumped up about missions than I have more »

A Comparative Analysis of Denominations and Networks

In the last 15 years, American Christianity has seen the rise of networks and the decline of denominations. On the blog this week, I’m in the midst of a series discussing denominationalism. On Monday, I wrote about “10 Quick Thoughts On Denominationalism in 21st Century American Christianity.”   When I mention “networks,” I’m talking about groups like C3 Global, Acts more »

5 Reasons Our Church Switched to a Two Website Format

I sent the following to Church of the Highlands today (via email) and thought this would be of interest to many of my readers so you can see a new approach Highlands is taking in pertinence to our web presence. As of today, Church of the Highlands has a two website format. Our initial website, www.TheHighlands.cc, is transitioning to becoming more »

4 Leadership Lessons LeBron James Taught Me

I love watching LeBron play. It’s like watching a person created in a super lab just to be a basketball player. At 6’ 8”, 265 lbs., with the strength of an ox, court vision like Magic Johnson, and quickness of a gazelle, he is the second-best basketball player in history (second only to Michael Jordan).   After having watched ‘Bron more »

7 Misconceptions About Pastors

One of my favorite things about pastoring a church that has a lot of un-churched and de-churched folks is hearing their misconceptions about pastors since they haven’t been around pastors very much. These misconceptions are far from serious, but are definitely prevalent.   They only work on Sundays.   I guess they think the idea of hundreds of people showing more »

Praying Our Church to its Potential

In today’s message, Praying Our Church to its Potential, I explained what the Bible says about prayer for a body of believers.   As you go throughout your week, use the Message Action Plan below to help put the things you learned into practice and immediate application. Here are some key things to remember from this morning’s message:   Praying Our Church to more »

The Earth is Flat and I Don’t Care

The NBA Finals kick off tonight (this article went live on June 1st, 2017). The starting Point Guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving, made a statement on his teammates’ podcast that earned him a lot of press.   Irving stated, “This is not even a conspiracy theory . . . The earth is flat. The earth is flat. It’s more »

7 Structural Tweaks You Can Make to See Church Growth

It is always healthy to assess, then reassess how your church is structured in order to maximize growth. Now is a prime time to do that. Think through a few key areas of your church’s structure and ponder what areas need a shake-up or slight change.   In many ways, I am writing this article for my own need to more »

4 Things Leaders Should Do On Memorial Day

  Happy Memorial Day! Today is a time to remember all of the Americans who gave up their lives to protect the freedoms of the USA.   This is also a time where most Americans have a day off to observe the holiday. Leaders should strategically take advantage of this day. Here are four ways you can leverage it:   more »