My Plan for the First 90 Days as Lead Pastor of Brushy Creek Baptist Church, Taylors, SC

These are exciting times! I am just one week into my tenure as the lead pastor of Brushy Creek, and it is exciting to get to meet so many people who are faithfully serving the Lord here at the “Mother Church of Greenville.” I’ve already had 29 one-on-one meetings with staff members and lay leaders. It is so fun getting to know our church leadership.


Charity, our girls, and I are adjusting well as we get adjusted in our new house and learning the community. Quite a few deacons helped us around our house, and we are so grateful for the servant hearts. Many of you have written letters and emails of encouragement and prayers. Thank you so much for that.


This past Sunday served as a momentous time when Brushy Creek installed her first new pastor in 26 years. It is an honor to follow Dr. Ralph Carter and the legacy he leaves.


As we begin our time together as pastor and people, I feel it is important to have clarity of getting started in a strategic way. In order to do that, I am posting my plan for the first 90 days as lead pastor of Brushy Creek Baptist Church Taylors. This is a pretty thorough plan. If you are interested in knowing how I am trying to get the ball rolling toward an eventual time of developing a fresh vision for Brushy Creek, then look through the details below.



  1. Get to Know the Staff, Church Body, and Community


One-On-One Meetings with Staff and Key Lay Leaders

  • Ask people what they believe is the church’s purpose, what action plans are in place to achieve the purpose, and what goals are in place to move to another level?
  • I have had Patti Alexander schedule a lot of meetings to build relationships with folks.


Impromptu Meals at Restaurants

  • Charity and I will occasionally post on social media about a restaurant where our family will eat, and we’ll invite others to join us. This will facilitate organic relationship building.


Prayer and Listening Sessions

I have lined up prayer and listening sessions for various age groups and ministries in the church.


Each of these sessions will encompass the following:


  • Have round tables with 5-6 chairs at each table, with pens and handouts available for them.
  • The handout will include the following questions:
    • What are the strengths of Brushy Creek Baptist Church?
    • What are our most pressing challenges?
    • What are five key ways our church can more effectively reach our community?
    • A graphic with traffic lights, where green = highest, yellow = medium, and red = lowest. Have tables rate the church’s organizational health pertaining to the following things: (1) On Task for Mission Accomplishment; (2) Stakeholder: Pride of Ownership; (3) Financial Feasibility; (4) Cohesive Leadership Team; and (5) Clear and Compelling Vision
  • Each table will appoint two people: (1) a table spokesperson, and (2) a prayer leader who will express their respective table’s perspective.
  • A staff member needs to be in every prayer and listening session, taking EXTREMELY copious notes.


Building and Grounds Assessment

  • Have at least 25 church members fill out a church facility audit that I will provide. We will assess some of the following things:
    • Parking Lot
    • How many parking spaces are there?
    • How many cars are parked when the preaching time begins in the 9:15 service?
      • What is the percentage of used parking spaces?
    • How many cars are parked when the preaching time begins in the 10:45 service?
      • What is the percentage of used parking spaces?
    • Clutter Analysis
    • Areas Needing New Paint and/or Carpet
    • Signage
      • Indoor
      • Outdoor
      • On the Street
    • Worship Center
      • Lighting
      • Sound
      • Visual
      • Stage Design
      • Seating
      • Carpet
    • Preschool and Children Space
      • Clean
      • Hygienic
      • Secure
      • Well-staffed with both personnel and volunteers
    • Student Ministry Space
    • ARC
    • The Vault
    • Education Space
    • Playgrounds
    • Grounds


Data Assessment

  • We have gotten a thorough demographic and psychographic study from and will study it in order to know the community better.
  • Lead the church to begin using ChurchMetrics.comto track data.
  • Financial Analysis
    • Assess Giving Options (online, text, mail, offering plate, etc.)
    • Percentages of Giving Between the Two Services
    • Giving per Capita
    • Pertaining to general budget income, what are the raw annual numbers for the last five years, and what are the percentages of growth or decline over those years?
    • “Plus Three” Results
  • Church Survey
  • Ratio Analysis
    • How many full-time ministerial staff members are there per 150 average attendees?
    • What percentage of the budget goes toward the following:
      • Missions
      • Personnel
      • Debt
    • Percentage of Parking Lot Usage at 9:15 and 10:45 Hours
    • Worship Center Seating Usage at 9:15 and 10:45 Hours
    • Life Groups
      • Grand Total
      • Total Life Groups During the 8:00 Hour
      • Total Life Groups During the 9:15 Hour
      • Total Life Groups During the 10:45 Hour
      • How many adult classrooms are there?
      • What percentage of classrooms are used at every hour?
    • Attendance
      • In every ministry, what are the raw numbers, as well as percentages of growth or decline over the last five years?
    • Volunteerism
      • Is there a list of all volunteer positions needed and filled in the church (including the names of all volunteers)?
      • How many specific volunteer positions are currently open?
      • How many total volunteer positions are there in the church?
      • How many individual volunteers are there in the church? (Keep in mind that many people volunteer in multiple ministries.)
    • Baptisms
      • What are the raw annual numbers of baptisms for the last five years, and what are the percentages of growth or decline over those years?


  1. Getting the Ball Rolling On Some Things Quickly
  • Emphasize Life Groups
  • One Mile Mission: We will go door-to-door and evangelize everyone within a one-mile radius of the church.
  • School Outreach: Meet with Lizzi-beth and Jeremiah to begin developmental strategies of more strategic partnerships with local schools.
  • More heavily emphasize the Thanksgiving meal ministry.
  • Christmas Eve Service: Establish a new tradition to have a select family light the first candle.
  • Women’s Christmas Dinner: Do whatever Charity and I can to help Angela succeed with this.
  • Attend the monthly men’s breakfast.
  • Visit shut-ins and widows.
  • Teach a Greenhouse class, beginning in January (Hermeneutics).
  • Study more on the Tabernacle in the Old Testament, so I am prepared for the big Tabernacle outreach this Spring.
  • Attend Merry Makers events.
  • Individually meet with key leaders. Pray together and get to know one another.
  • Weekly breakfast with the staff
  • Prayer and Worship gathering with staff
  • Staff prayer walking: Prayer walk downtown Greenville and the area right around the church.
  • Staff party when I first start, as well as a Christmas party. Playing games would build camaraderie.
  • Work with Hookie and Colette to build a new communications strategy.
  • Cover Wednesday night meals for first time guests to the Wednesday night dinner. Have them fill out a form in exchange for a free meal. This way, we could follow up with them.
  • Help the Hartsells plan a marriage retreat for the winter/spring of 2018. They need a specific date and a speaker.



  1. Clarify Systems and Structure



Work with the staff to see that there is a written plan and delegation coupled with accountability for all systems in the church.



Work with Benji and the Personnel Committee to have clarity of who reports to whom. Develop an organizational chart. Make sure all staff has written job descriptions that are up-to-date.


  1. Worship Pastor Search


Work with Benji and the Personnel Committee to call the new Worship Pastor.


  1. Implement Tailgate Sunday


February 4, 2018 (Super Bowl Sunday)

Event: Tailgate Sunday

Guest Speaker: Coach Tommy Bowden

Description: Tailgate Sunday is a high attendance Sunday that will serve as a catalyst to motivate the entire church to come on one key day and invite friends with them.

Goal: 75 salvations and 1,700 in attendance

Develop action plans to see accomplishment of the goals.

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