5 Reasons I Believe We’re On the Verge of Worldwide Revival, Thanks to the Holy Spirit Using the Internet

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I genuinely believe we’re on the verge of a worldwide revival, and the Holy Spirit will use the internet to help bring it to fruition. I know this is a bold prediction, but I firmly believe this will happen.


I recently wrote a book entitled 40 Day of Revival (click here to buy it), and am begging God to bring us the next great awakening.


Here are five reasons I believe we’re on the verge of worldwide revival, thanks to the Holy Spirit using the Internet:


  1. History tells us we’re on the verge of revival after a major communication breakthrough.


The Internet is one of the greatest communication breakthroughs ever. Every time in history that there has been a seminal communication breakthrough, there has been a seminal kingdom breakthrough right after it.


Rome built roads, then Paul planted churches. Alexander helped hone the common language of Greek, then the New Testament was canonized. Gutenberg invented the printing press, then Bibles were created en masse. Al Gore has now invented the Internet (LOL), so we’re due for another breakthrough.


  1. Social media makes it possible to communicate the Gospel to the masses.


Who would’ve ever thought that Egypt would experience a revolution because of people communicating via Facebook? That’s exactly what happened at Cairo’s Tahrir Square in 2011.


I’ve preached on five continents, in the poorest of poor areas and wealthiest of wealthy communities. One interesting common denominator is that people on all five continents, no matter their socioeconomic status, are on Facebook, and some are on twitter.


Worldwide, there are over 1.49 billion monthly active Facebook users, which is a 13% increase over last year (source: Facebook, 6/30/15).


Sometimes, we Americans can think this kind of stuff is primarily American, but Europe, for example, has over 307 million people on Facebook. The entire population of Europe is 742.5 million.


Via social media, it is possible right now to communicate the gospel to over 41% of Europe.


  1. Audio and video is easily streamed worldwide.


From Periscope to Youtube and Vimeo to podcasts, audio and video is easily streamed online. You could preach a 5-minute gospel presentation via audio or video and post it online, then use social media to disseminate it to masses of people.


I recently read some fascinating stats about YouTube. Can you believe that there are 1 billion people across the world who use YouTube? They have 4 billion videos viewed per day. Every minute, 323 days worth of YouTube videos are viewed on Facebook every minute.


I can easily see the Holy Spirit using audio and video streaming to lead a worldwide revival.


  1. Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to wire the world.


Mark Zuckerberg is famously known, not only for inventing Facebook, but also his desire to bring the Internet to the world. TIME wrote a fascinating article about this, and you MUST read it (click here).


Whether Zuckerberg knows it or not, I believe the Holy Spirit is using him to help progress communication opportunities to share the Gospel amongst all the nations.


  1. Smart phones are nearly everywhere.


As I mentioned Facebook’s growth above, interestingly, 1.31 billion people use their mobile devices to access their social network. This is a 23% increase from the summer of 2014. On YouTube, they average 1 billion mobile video views per day.


In conclusion, I genuinely believe we will soon see another Great Awakening. Now, let’s pray with expectancy that it will occur ASAP!


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