4 Ways Leaders Can Leverage Facebook Live

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I love me some Facebook Live. It is so simple to use and Facebook’s algorithm pushes it right into everyone’s newsfeeds. Facebook treats Live like their gold standard. Zuckerberg really wants to move further and further into the video space of the interwebs. In fact, within five years, Facebook will mostly be video. You might as well get in the front end of it.


Here are four ways leaders can leverage Facebook Live . . .


  1. Give Behind the Scenes Sneak Peeks


People want to know what your staff meeting looks like. They want to see how your desk looks when you’re preparing a sermon. They want to see how you journey around the church campus on Sunday mornings.


If you’re in the business world, your clients want to see how you work hard to fulfill your company’s mission. They want to see how you do what you do. Holding up a phone or tablet makes it possible to do this.


  1. Show People Your Home Life


Whenever I post a picture or video with my house or family in it, people seem way more interested in it. Do you know why? People want to see your home life. I’m not saying you show them every little detail of your life, but walk around your house and show them some things that make your house unique. Show people how you tease your wife when she does something quirky in the kitchen as she prepares a meal.


Show people what it’s like to live your life. People find it endearing and they want to follow you more as a result of this likeability factor.


  1. Teach


You can teach people so easily on Facebook Live. Give a devotional. Give a recap of your sermon. Expound upon a factoid from a text you preached, but didn’t have time to explain it in the sermon.


I want to get to the point that I teach about every blog post I release via Facebook Live. It doesn’t take very long.


  1. Q & A


My friend, and fellow Chattanooga pastor, Micah Fries, recently started doing this, and I really like it. He holds a Q & A on Tuesday afternoons with his church members. It is really sharp. You should click here and check out how Micah does this on his church’s Facebook page.


Bonus Tip


Here’s a little bonus tip: I like to take my Facebook Live videos (sometimes) and upload them to YouTube (you could do Vimeo, too). Here’s how you do it:


  1. Hover over your Facebook Live video and hold “control” and click (PC is users, just right click)


  1. “Show Video URL” will show up on the screen. Then, copy this URL.


  1. Paste that URL into your web browser.


  1. Delete the “www” and replace with simply the letter “m” and press enter.


  1. Hover over your Facebook Live video and hold “control” and click (PC is users, just right click)


  1. Click “Save As”


  1. Save the video to the file of your choice.


  1. Log into YouTube or Vimeo


  1. Upload your video.


Have any additional thoughts on Facebook Live? Let me know in the comment section below.


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