Sunday Preview for January 5, 2014

Sunday Preview


Something new that I’m doing in 2014 is a “Sunday Preview.”  Every week, I hope to write something on my blog to serve as a “get ready” time for our Church of the Highlands family.


So, here is our Sunday Preview for January 5, 2014 . . .


(1) On a personal note, this Sunday is my wife’s birthday.  Make sure you tell Charity “Happy Birthday!”  I’m so proud of my wife and know that she is a great woman of God with whom I am deeply in love.

(2) This Sunday, our “Unstoppable” series begins.  January 5, 12, and 19 I will teach thru some of the great stories of UNSTOPPABLE people in the Bible: David and Goliath, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, and Noah and the Ark.  This Sunday, I will teach thru the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 in a message entitled, “Overcoming the Giants of Your Life.”  Read 1 Samuel 17 before you come to church this Sunday!

I’m asking every Highlander to do three things during this series . . .


A) Make plans to be here every week during this series.


B) Bring someone to church with you.  This is a common time for people to be more open to attending church as many make spiritual resolutions for the new year.  Remember this: FOUND people FIND people.


C) Ask God to move deeply in your life during the UNSTOPPABLE series.


(3) The Sunday after Christmas is typically one of the worst for church attendance and overall energy, but despite three of our four full-time pastors being away last Sunday, I was told that we had HUGE energy due to just having one service last week as we packed-out the gym.  We’re back to our normal schedule this week (9:15 and 10:45 services).  I’m amazed at the energy in our church as the New Year begins.


(4) You’re going to hear more and more about how I’m making a BIG announcement on January 26th as I cast vision for the future of our church on our first birthday.  Please be here and bring EVERYBODY you know!


(5) Get pumped about our worship set this Sunday.  Its going to be so good!


Click here for our blended service worship set, and click here for our contemporary worship set.



Pastor Jeremy

p.s. Here are our video announcements for this week:


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  1. Dreama Martin

    I am looking forward to your sermon tomorrow and I love the idea of your “Sunday previews”

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