Details On The Highlands’ Transition to Our Gym/Skatepark for Worship Services

Today, I announced that our church will begin worshiping in our gymnasium/skatepark beginning Sunday, October 6th. My weekly letter to the church will serve as a re-cap of this exciting transition!


Why are we moving to the gym?

Once a church consistently averages 80% capacity or more in a building, the church must either add another service or move to a larger building. The last four Sundays, our 10:45 service has been filled to the percentages of 80%, 80%, 112%, and 95% (respectively). Simply, we can’t grow any more in our cafeteria building.


If you attend the 9:15 service and have never been to the 10:45 service, you may wonder what the pressing space problem is. Yes, there is available space in the 9:15 service, but our 10:45 service is nearly twice the size of our 9:15 service.


How much more worship space will we have in the gym?

The cafeteria worship space only holds 200 chairs. When we move into the gym, we will be able to hold up to 500 people in one service.


Since the Children’s Ministry currently meets in the gym on Sunday mornings, where will they go?

ELEVATE kid’s church will take place in the current cafeteria building on Sunday mornings beginning October 6th. Adult worship and kid’s worship will flip-flop buildings.


Will on-campus Community Groups still meet in the side rooms in the gym?

Yes . . . temporarily. When the Dream Center is completed, all adult Community Groups that meet on-campus will meet in the brand new Dream Center.


What will it cost to transition the gym into our new worship space?

We anticipate it will cost $30,000 to get the gym ready for our first services in there on October 6th. This involves needing to buy projectors, another screen, some lighting, upgrade the air conditioner, build onto the current stage, and possibly some electrical work.


There are five Sundays in September, and every Sunday in September, we will take up two offerings: one for the general budget, and one for the gym renovations.


What does this transition to the gym mean for our campus master plan and overall vision?

The ministerial staff, the deacons, and I have been meeting for several months to pray about and research the right timing for us to kick into a higher gear to raise money and build the main church building atop our property. On January 26th, we will have a big day to kick-off a campaign to begin raising money to build our permanent church facility atop our property, with our main entrance being on Highway 58.


There are a lot of details yet to be worked-out. Here are some key things I urge you to pray about for the coming weeks:


  • We will be able to raise the $30K needed to transition to the gym
  • Our church to remain more focused on reaching people than mere buildings


Yes, these are exciting times, Highlands family. Let’s stay focused on reaching our community, America, and the world for Jesus Christ!

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