Sunday Reflections

Once again, we had an exciting day of worship at Church of the Highlands. We’re starting to run out of space in our second service, and that’s an awesome problem to have.  Something amazing to me about our church is that a majority of those in attendance are new to our church within our first three weeks as Church of the Highlands.  More than half of the people who currently go to our church did not attend here before we re-planted from the Highland Park community on the 20th of January.

I wanted to share with you two encouraging words from some people who shared this on social networks today:

I really enjoyed being at church today! I have not been to a church in close to 15 years. I am excited about this church because of the non judgement attitude. That is the one thing that has kept me away from churches all of these years.

What an amazing service this morning. I was in awe of the diversity in attendance there today. You truly know how to get down on the level of everyone in a loving, non-judgmental kind of way. Your come as you are and come whomever you are invitation is an example of the love for Jesus and people you have in your hearts.

Friends, this is what its all about. Reaching our community, America, and the world for Jesus Christ.  I love you and am honored to serve as pastor of this church.


All for Jesus,

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