My Preaching Calendar Thru May of 2013

January 13

Title: Don’t Quit

Text: Topical Sermon

Details: I am preaching Dr. Lee Roberson’s famous sermon, “Don’t Quit” on our last Sunday at our Highland Park location


January 20 (LAUNCH Service)

Title: Keep the Wind Blowing

Text: Acts 2

Details: This is our first Sunday as Church of the Highlands.  The day Highland Park Baptist Church’s pastor search committee flew in my wife and me to interview to become the pastor is the day the tornado blew through our Harrison property which spurred the revitalization of this campus and now the re-planting of this church.  In Acts 2, the wind of the Holy Spirit was blowing.  It was blowing that first Friday of March, 2012, and we pray it will keep blowing.


SERIES SUMMARY: You’ve done it.  I’ve done it.  The nurse put the tongue dispenser on your tongue, and they told you to “Sayyaa.”  The medical professional can see details of your tongue, and it exposes what is deeper inside of you.  The Bible says a lot about the tongue.  It is interesting to note that in the second chapter of Acts, 3,000 people received Christ after the Lord got a hold of their tongues.  In this message series, we will study what happens when God puts the proverbial tongue dispenser in our mouths and we’re forced to “Sayyaa.”  Join me as we journey through the Bible together to learn what the Bible says about controlling your tongue.


January 27

Series: Sayyaa

Title: Your Words Matter

Text: Proverbs 18:21


February 3 (Super Bowl Sunday)

Tailgate Sunday

Title: How to Be A Champion in Life

Text: Mark 1013–31


February 10

Series: Sayyaa

Guest Preacher: Dr. O. S. Hawkins, President/CEO of Guidestone Financial Resources

Title: Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Text: James 3:1–12


February 17

Series: Sayyaa

Title: Things About Your Tongue You Wish You Always Knew

Text: James 3:1–12


February 24

Series: Sayyaa

Title: Dirty Harry Tongue

Text: Matthew 12:33–37


March 3

Series: Sayyah

Title: Bleepity Bleep Bleep—Sins of the Tongue

Texts: Isaiah 59:1–4; Proverbs 6:16–19


March 10

Series: Sayyaa

Title: Your Responsibility and God’s Ability with Your Tongue

Texts: James 1:26; Isaiah 6:1–8


SERIES SUMMARY: Jesus was on the cross. He had six profound statements as His body dangled on the old rugged cross.  As Jesus was merely moments away from death, some of the words He uttered included “Father, Forgive Them”–“I Thirst”–“It Is Finished.”  Throughout many Bibles, Jesus’ words are written in red so that they will stand out from the rest.  The day of the crucifixion was like no other.  It was a “Red Letter Day.”  Thankfully, and most importantly, Jesus came came back to life after this Red Letter Day!


March 17

Series: Red Letter Day

Title: Father, Forgive Them

Text: Luke 23:34


March 24

Series: Red Letter Day

Title: I Thirst

Text: John 19:28


March 31 (Easter)

Series: Red Letter Day

Title: It is Finished

Text: John 19:30


SERIES SUMMARY: Beyond the world we see around us on a daily basis, there is a SUPERNATURAL world of which the Bible speaks.  Have you ever wondered what heaven is like?  Is hell real?  Do I have a guardian angel?  Do demons enter Christians?  How did Lucifer, the supreme angel, become Satan?  Does God even really exist?  We’ll explore all of this in our post-Easter Spring series, SUPERNATURAL.

April 7

Series: Supernatural

Title: Heaven and How to Get There

Text: Revelation 21


April 14

Series: Supernatural

Title: Hell and How to Avoid It

Text: Luke 16


April 21

Series: Supernatural

Title: Angels Are For Real

Text: Luke 2:13–14


April 28

Series: Supernatural

Title: The Truth About Demons and the God Who Overcomes Them

Text: Mark 5


May 5

Series: Supernatural

Title: The Fall of Satan

Text: Isaiah 14:12–15


May 12

Series: Supernatural

Title: Does God exist, and if so, what is He like?

Text: Various Passages

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