The Six Postures of Prayer

I was pondering my prayer life this morning.  Sometimes, I’ll drive for a lengthy period of time and pray.  Other times, my wife and I will lay in bed and pray together.  At other moments, I’ll hold my five-month-old and pray over her.  Sometimes at church, I’ll go to the steps of the altar and pray.  There seem to be a lot of different postures of prayer.  This got me to thinking of the need to research this biblically.


Did you know the Bible gives six different “postures of prayer”?  Here they are . . .

(1) Lying prostrate (Deut 9:18)

(2) Sitting (1 Kgs 19:4)

(3) Bowing (Ps 95:6)

(4) Standing (Mk 11:25)

(5) Kneeling (Eph 3:14)

(6) Lifting Hands (1 Tim 2:8)


There are different circumstances that vary which posture I choose to pray, but the most important thing is that I actually make it a spiritual discipline to engage in the practice of prayer to communicate with my Lord and Savior–Jesus Christ.

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