Interstate 40 Shut Down: Attitude Check

If you are one of my readers who is not living in east TN, you may not have heard about the big news in Knoxville effective today.  Interstate 40 runs through downtown Knoxville, and it is shut down for one year in order to re-haul the way the roads are structured.  There is a detour around the city that lengthens the trek from east Knoxville to west Knoxville and vice versa.

Now, if you are one of my readers here in east TN, you inevitably know about this big news.  For most in our church, this shut down does not effect you.  Besides the students we have from the University of Tennessee, and some employees of downtown-based companies, most of our members and attenders work in Lenoir City, Farragut, west Knoxville, Oak Ridge, and Maryville.

This shut down effects me a lot.  As Charity and I are temporarily living in east Knoxville until the construction of our house is complete, we used to drive straight through downtown Knoxville for me to get to Pleasant Hill, and Charity to get to her job as a Registered Nurse at Methodist Hospital in Oak Ridge.  Because of this change in roadways, we now have five miles added to our commute.

This change can easily cause frustration, but it has caused me to have an attitude check.   I know and you know that we, for the most part, just have to live with this thorn in our side until May, 2009.  Since we know it is here for twelve months, we can choose to accept it, utilize the time in the car, and move on with our lives, or we can complain about it.

This situation is true of many things we face in life.  We often face challenges out of our control, and we have the choice to either whine or positively accept it.  We can capture times like these, or we can allow them to kill our confidence.

What about you?  Do you need an attitude check?  Remember: YOUR ATTITUDE DETERMINES YOUR ALTITUDE.  Soar high today!

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