Ep 102: William Vanderbloemen (Advice for a Pastor Transitioning from One Church to Another)

In this episode, Jeremy interviews William Vanderbloemen, President/CEO of the Vanderbloemen Search Group. They discuss advice for a pastor transitioning from one church to another.


  1. I am transitioning from pastoring Church of the Highlands in Chattanooga, TN to Brushy Creek Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. What advice do you have for pastors in a similar situation?
  2. How does an outgoing pastor help the church transition well, but also not overstep his bounds, regarding their development of a search team, etc.?
  3. How does a new pastor get off the ground running with intentionality and wisdom?
  4. What are some key things every pastor should do in their first 90 days?

You can connect with William Vanderbloemen all over the internet:



Keeping your volunteer team up-to-speed and developing new leaders is hard. The way you’ve been doing it, empty meetings and unread emails, isn’t working.

You need something that lets you engage new volunteers while their interest is hot. Something to help you develop leaders as they grow, in real time. Something your people will appreciate because it saves them time. Heck, something that saves you time, too.

It’s time for TrainedUp.


One of the tools I am most excited about is Sermonary. It’s a revolutionary sermon building platform for pastors. Pastors have used everything from Evernote, Google Docs to Word but there has never been a dedicated sermon building platform, until now. Using their drag and drop builder, writing sermons has never been easier. You can add your name to the waiting list by going to sermonary.co.

One Comment on “Ep 102: William Vanderbloemen (Advice for a Pastor Transitioning from One Church to Another)”

  1. I am not a pastor, but this is an excellent podcast! As a Christian who has had some leadership, this is great advice. He says something that I was going to ask you the Sat night Q/A.
    Do you hope the sermon “for your vote” is your best sermon ever?
    If so, where do you go from there….I mean, how do you top that? LOL

    I also like what he says about the search committee. That is as important as the candidate itself. You are placing your trust in that committee to get it right. From there, I think the church should support that decision….unless there is a total flop!

    The other thing about searches….it is a DIFFICULT job. Even the beat candidate you have in all the resumes….can be a no, then yes, then maybe, then yes….it really is difficult. Trust the people you voted for!!

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