10 Tips for Ideal Church Signage

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My wife tells me I have a near obsession with church signage. If that is true, I live a sad life.


In all honesty, I do have an affinity for looking at signage at churches. It tells you a lot about the style, excellence, and attention to detail that the church has in their DNA.


Here are 10 tips for ideal church signage:


  1. Put Your Logo On Everything


This is simple branding. Your logo needs to have some sort of icon that can be seen everywhere on your campus.


  1. Put Your Service Times & Website On Main Signs


According to a poll at our church, the fourth most popular reason people attended our church for the first time was simply driving past us. If we didn’t have our site and times on our sign, we probably wouldn’t have had some of those people come.


  1. Have Clarity of Where Your Main Entrance is Located


If people don’t know where to go, they may turn around and dominate some hotcakes at McDonald’s instead of sitting under the preaching of your pastor. Show people where to go.


  1. Have A Big Directional Sign at Your Main Entrance


We just added one of these to our campus recently, and I’m blown away at how many people have made comments about it. Malls have this. Disney World has this. As soon as you drive into one of those places, signs tell you where all different stores or experiences are located. This helps people.


  1. Have Clear Guest Parking Spaces


In addition to having an amazing VIP first impressions team (click here to learn about that), give first time guests the best parking spaces.


  1. Signs to Restrooms and Kids’ Areas Are the Most Important


When our church had signage that wasn’t as good as it is now, the two places people would commonly ask to find were the restrooms and kids’ areas. Provide over-signage for these two things.


  1. Display Your Mission Statement & Core Values in the Worship Center


This is a big deal to me. We feature a different core value weekly at our church (we have 9 total, click here to see them). If I mention something in a sermon that pertains to one of our core values, I point at the huge sign of our core values to reiterate how important it is to us.


With your church’s mission statement, that needs to be in more places than just the worship center, but at least put it there.


  1. Make Sure Signage is Up-to-Date


This article is being posted on October 14th. Last week, I drove past a church promoting something for back to school time. Really? That was two months ago! This shows the public that you’re not excellent. Jesus deserves excellence. We have a saying at Highlands: “Excellence in all things and all things to the glory of God.”


  1. Point Guests to Where You Want Them to Go


Give clarity of where there is an info table or something like that where guests can go to learn more about the church.


  1. Simple is Always Better Than Complex


It can become easy to make signs way too complicated. Make them simple, clean, and clear.


I hope these tips help your church. Do you have any additional thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.


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